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Monday, November 21, 2011

what is this corruption exactly for modern Indians and for Bhartiyas?

What is Corruption (Bhrashthhachar)?
In English term, corruption may be defined as Corrupt Practices in Public Life i.e. BRIBE --- give and take of extra Money to get public services done or to get extra favours for which Govt. and its authorities are responsible to provide without any charge or for some stipulated fees.
Henceforth, for modern Indians Corruption is a game of Money Exchange for All Wrong doings.

However, in
Bhartiya Hindi, Bhrasthhachaar can be elaborated as.......... Bhrasthh Aachhaar (Bad behavioural acts) of any human being. This can be in the form:

i) not fulfilling duties/responsibilities in public life or otherwise by all such responsible persons those are supposed to do so,
ii) misbehave at any pubic/private place with anyone in any manner,
iii) disrespecting to anybody in any form. Be it in family, relations, friends, offices and/or public life,
iv) not following Rules and Regulations(Laws of land on legal, social and cultural grounds) made to be followed in the best interest of society and nation,
v) doing any wrong act in society like asking for dowry, extra favour from parents, not caring old parents, not fulfilling duties towards family, etc. etc.
vi) Running blindly after others' property/money (Dusrey ki thalli me zyada Ghee dekha),
vii) a blind run for useless materialistic things etc., etc.
(Please add other forms of corruptions in this lists)

So dear Bhartiyas, if we all give five minutes thought on Bhrasthh Achhar (as per Bhartiya terminology), before starting our day then this Bhrashthhachaar may take a reverse journey from our (Bhartiya's) life.

Of course, this will be a beginning of real Bhartiya Model of Growth where Survival of Fittest will come in place of Survival of Fraudulent.

Er. Hemant D. Sonawane
Member, India Against Corruption.


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